While I'm primarily a musician, I've always been a bit of a hacker at heart.  Most of my projects end up being something musically-oriented or videogame-oriented.  I'll be hosting various projects I've coded up below, although at the moment you'll just find some Nintendo DS homebrew work I've done:

Nintendo DS:

A homebrew device, such as an R4 or CycloDS card, is required to play Nintendo DS homebrew games.

MIDI Jammer v3.0
MIDI JammerThis is a program I wrote for the Nintendo DS, based off of the DSMI library by 0xtob.  To sum it up, it turns your DS into a musical instrument.  It lets you "draw" musical ideas and shapes in a manner that is both easy to pickup for a non-musician and also consistent/coherent enough that those who are trained musicians can have a high-degree of MIDI control through the interface.

It has two modes of functionality: a basic mode in which the DS uses the built-in synthesizer to output audio, and an advanced mode which allows you to connect to a local wireless network and use it as a fully functional MIDI Controller.

You must have the DSMidiWifi Server Application running on the target computer for the computer to receive the MIDI messages sent from the DS. Here is a bundle containing the Macintosh version of the program, as setup scriptand a reason file to demo of some of the features of my MIDI-Jammer program.

More to come...